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How EnergyGeeksAD’s Paint PlusPlus Helps you Go Green and Save the Planet!

We all know the feeling – that blast of hot air hitting you when you walk in the door on a sweltering summer day. Cranking up the AC might bring relief, but it also sends your energy bills soaring and leaves a not-so-pleasant carbon footprint. At EnergyGeeksAD, we're obsessed with finding innovative ways to make your home comfortable without costing...
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Reimagine Your Home’s Look and Feel While Saving the Planet: Introducing EnergyGeeksAD’s Paint PlusPlus!

At EnergyGeeksAD, we're passionate about creating energy-efficient homes that are comfortable and stylish. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our revolutionary Paint PlusPlus service – a premium interior painting solution that goes beyond aesthetics. Paint PlusPlus: More Than Just a Pretty Color Sure, a fresh coat of paint can transform a room, but Paint PlusPlus offers more than just a...
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Breathe New Life into Your Home (and Wallet) with EnergyGeeksAD’s Paint PlusPlus!

Are you tired of the same old look in your home? Itching to give your interior a fresh coat of paint? Well, hold on before you grab that can of regular paint! At EnergyGeeksAD, we're all about innovation, and that extends to how you paint your home. We're thrilled to introduce our revolutionary Paint PlusPlus service – a premium interior...
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The Final Verdict on Invisaflects for Truckers: Maximizing Efficiency and Savings

Energy Geeks AD is excited to share the results extensive testing on Invisaflects, THE revolutionary reflective insulation for reefer trucks. The Final Test Results and Recommendation performed in October of 2022 highlights the significant benefits and savings truckers can expect from using this technology. Overview of the Test Results The tests conducted on Invisaflects involved applying the insulation to the...
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Boost Your Home’s Eco-Friendliness with Invisaflects by Energy Geeks AD

At Energy Geeks AD, we are committed to helping homeowners enhance their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. Our innovative product, Invisaflects, is a reflective insulation material that, when applied to your home’s walls, can significantly lower your energy consumption. Environmental Benefits of Invisaflects for Homeowners Reduced Energy Consumption: By improving insulation, Invisaflects minimizes the need for heating and...
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Go Green with Invisaflects: Environmental Benefits for Reefer Trucks

At Energy Geeks AD, we are dedicated to promoting sustainability through innovative solutions like Invisaflects. By applying Invisaflects to the roofs of reefer trucks, we can significantly reduce their environmental impact. Environmental Benefits of Invisaflects Reduced Carbon Emissions: Invisaflects enhances insulation, leading to less fuel consumption by the refrigeration unit. Lower fuel use translates directly into reduced greenhouse gas emissions,...
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Save Big on Reefer Truck Operating Costs with Invisaflects from Energy Geeks AD

Energy Geeks AD is excited to introduce Invisaflects, an advanced reflective insulation technology designed to help reefer truckers and companies slash their operational costs. Invisaflects can be applied to the roofs of reefer trucks, offering significant benefits that directly impact your bottom line. What is Invisaflects? Invisaflects is a cutting-edge reflective insulation material that minimizes heat transfer. When applied to...
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