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The Final Verdict on Invisaflects for Truckers: Maximizing Efficiency and Savings

Energy Geeks AD is excited to share the results extensive testing on Invisaflects, THE revolutionary reflective insulation for reefer trucks. The Final Test Results and Recommendation performed in October of 2022 highlights the significant benefits and savings truckers can expect from using this technology.

Overview of the Test Results

The tests conducted on Invisaflects involved applying the insulation to the roofs of reefer trucks and measuring the resulting changes in energy consumption and internal temperature control.

Key Findings

  1. Significant Fuel Savings: Our tests revealed that using Invisaflects can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%. This reduction is achieved by decreasing the load on the truck’s refrigeration system, allowing it to operate more efficiently.
  2. Enhanced Temperature Regulation: Invisaflects helps maintain consistent internal temperatures, ensuring that perishable goods remain within optimal conditions. This stability reduces the risk of spoilage and extends the shelf life of transported goods.
  3. Lower Maintenance Costs: By reducing the strain on refrigeration units, Invisaflects decreases the frequency of maintenance and the likelihood of costly repairs.

Environmental Benefits

In addition to cost savings, Invisaflects also offers significant environmental advantages. Reduced fuel consumption leads to lower greenhouse gas emissions, making your operations more eco-friendly and contributing to global sustainability efforts.

Highlighted Images

Here are some key visuals from our brochure that illustrate the benefits and results of using Invisaflects:

The change in roof temperatures can clearly be seen with an infrared camera.  Before the coating significant cold leakage is seen through the roof, but after the roof reflects the heat.

Cooling Cycles:

  • Over the course of 24 hours the coated trailer had a nearly 5% decrease in the total number of cooling cycles.
  • While the number of low cool cycles increased on unit #3 of the coated trailer it was offset by the decrease overall, especially high cool cycles which use more fuel.


  • When the unit shuts on and off a notable difference in the time required to bring each unit to temp can be seen. This equates to an approximately 30% decrease in runtime to bring the trailer back to temp.
  • Conversely, the trailer held its temperature 16% longer.


Why Are We Seeing Fuel Savings

1- The nearly 5% reduction in the number of cooling cycles allows the unit to shut off more often, conserving approximately 1 hour of run time per day.
2- As seen in the infrared pictures, the trailer is able to retain cold longer. This leads to nearly 30% less time to bring the trailer to temp and allows it to hold temp nearly 16% longer once it does.
3- The type of cooling cycle (cool vs high cool) being used matters. While the engine maybe running during both, the condensers are electric and therefore the less work they need to do the less fuel used. This is particularly true when comparing cool vs high cool, and there were less high cool cycles needed.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Based on the positive test results, we highly recommend applying Invisaflects to your reefer truck roofs. This investment will not only lead to substantial cost savings but also support environmental sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint.

For more information and to get started with Invisaflects, visit Energy Geeks AD. Make the smart choice for your fleet and the planet today!

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